How Can I Start Over With a Clean Install of PDQ Deploy?


I don't have anything critical in my PDQ Deploy console and I want to start over from scratch like I just installed the program for the first time.


  1. Create a backup of your current database.PDQ_Deploy_Preferences_Database.png
  2. Close both PDQ Deploy and Inventory on your console machine. 
  3. Open services.msc and stop the services for both products. (PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory)
  4. Open Control Panel > Programs and Features (Add or Remove Programs) and uninstall PDQ Deploy.
  5. Navigate to the registry and delete the following keys:

HKCU\Software\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy Console
HKCU\Software\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy
HKLM\Software\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy

  1. Navigate to the %PROGRAMDATA%\Admin Arsenal\ directory and then delete the PDQ Deploy folder.
  2. Restart the console machine and install from scratch. The latest release version of Deploy can be found at the following link: Latest Release version of PDQ Deploy

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