Create Packages for Air-gap/Offline (No-Internet Networks)


You wish to move PDQ Deploy packages from an internet-enabled network to you offline/air-gap network.


There are a few ways to do this, but all of them center on moving data from an internet-connected PDQ Deploy instance to the air-gapped PDQ Deploy instance.

Recommended Method:

  1. Obtain a removable drive (HDD, SSD, or USB) that fits within your current security protocols.
  2. Install a separate instance of PDQ Deploy on a machine that is within the internet-connected network and has access to the internet.
  3. Map the removable drive to a drive letter available to both the connected PDQ Deploy instance and the air-gap PDQ Deploy instance (e.g. drive letter E:\).
  4. Create a directory on the removable drive called Repository (e.g. E:\Repository).
  5. With the removable drive attached, on one PDQ Deploy instances, change the File > Preferences > Repository to the Removable drive mapped to the drive letter from Step 3 (e.g. E:\Repository). If you already have repository files in a the default location, you can copy them to the removable drive repository directory.

  6. Repeat the above process for the second PDQ Deploy instance.
  7. On the internet-connected machine, download/create the packages you need in the PDQ Deploy instance. This is your parent or baseline.
  8. Create another directory on the removable drive called Packages (e.g. E:\Packages).
  9. On the internet-connected computer, export the packages via XML (right-click the package and select Export) and save those XML files to the location in Step 8.

  10. On the air-gap PDQ console, import the XML files (File > Import or Ctrl+I) and ensure they point to the Repository. You can then deploy in the dark network.

Alternate Method:

If your security protocols do not allow removable HDD/SSD or USB devices, you can use hard media, like CD/DVDs, to burn the package files and XML files to the media then import the XML files and copy over the package files to the local default repository on the air-gap PDQ Deploy instance. The default Repository location is %PUBLIC%\Documents\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy\Repository (also defined in Preferences > Variables > System tab > $(Repository).

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