Restore or Move a Database from a Backup Database


You wish to restore or move a database from backup. This method can be used to restore accidentally deleted data (packages and collections, for example), as well as recover from database corruption.

  • This article applies Enterprise mode of both PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory. For Free mode, backup and restore is a manual process not covered here.
  • This process is especially useful if you need to migrate an existing PDQ Deploy or PDQ Inventory console or are using the Central Server feature and need to migrate data from one console to another (for more information on this process, see Central Server: Migrating Existing Installations that Use Custom Packages).
  • These instructions are not applicable to PDQ Deploy or PDQ Inventory consoles running in Client Mode. Client Mode consoles do not utilize their own database.


The following steps can be used to restore a database, restore data, or move a database from one console to another. Inventory 11+ or Deploy 12+ with an Enterprise license is required to use this feature.

IMPORTANT: If you are trying to restore data rather than move the console, skip to Step 6. If you are moving your database from one console to another, start here at Step 1 and review the following documentation [
Moving PDQ Deploy] and/or [Moving PDQ Inventory]:

1. On the computer you wish to move the PDQ Deploy or PDQ Inventory console to, install the same version or higher of PDQ Deploy and/or PDQ Inventory you have installed on your existing computer.

2. Navigate to Options > Preferences > Database and click the Backup Now button to create a manual backup.

Navigate to the Backups directory from the Open Directory button/link on the Database panel.

Copy the database backup file you created in Step 2.

On the console you are moving to, navigate to the Backups folder (the default location is C:\ProgramData\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy\Backups) and paste the database file you copied in Step 4 into that directory.


Close out of any PDQ Deploy and/or PDQ Inventory consoles you have running

7. Open an Administrative Command Prompt. Type the following command(s).
For PDQ Deploy:

pdqdeploy.exe restoredatabase

For PDQ Inventory:

pdqinventory.exe restoredatabase

Follow the prompts, allowing the program to stop the background service then select the appropriate database by number (see notes below).


  • If you are restoring data (packages, collection, etc.) you will need to choose the database file that contained the last known good data you are wanting to restore.
  • If you are moving the database from one console to another, there should only be one choice


8. You will also need to copy the two registry keys that store the encryption data for your stored credentials. If you do not move these keys to the new machine, you will need to re-enter all of your stored credentials. The two keys can be found at this location:



  • If you have moved the database to a new console, navigate to Options > Credentials and ensure the credentials mirror the credentials from the previous installation. It is strongly recommended you test the credentials, even if they appear identical.
  • Ensure that the Background Service credentials mirror the previous installation by navigating to Options > Background Service. In rare cases, the Background Service defaults to running under Local System. This will cause issues.

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