Recommended Antivirus/Antimalware Exclusions for PDQ Deploy & Inventory


You wish to exclude PDQ working directories, programs, and other PDQ data from real-time (on-access) scanning by antivirus or antimalware software.


Real-time scanning performed by antivirus/antimalware programs can have a deleterious effect on PDQ performance. In certain cases, scans and deployments may be slow, fail outright, or time out.

IMPORTANT: These exclusions are for real-time (on-access) scanning and not for regular, periodic file system scanning performed by your antivirus or antimalware software.

Recommended Exclusions

The following real-time scanning exclusion is recommended for all target computers (including PDQ console machines if also a target):


NOTE: If you have changed the Target Service UNC Path in PDQ Deploy or PDQ Inventory (Options > Preferences > Target Service), make sure you change the exclusion from %WINDIR%\AdminArsenal to the new Target Service path.

Optional Exclusions

These exclusions may, in certain cases, improve PDQ performance on the PDQ console.

For x64 Consoles For x86 Consoles
C:\Program Files (x86)\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory
C:\Program Files (x86)\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy


%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory
%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy
%PROGRAMDATA%\Admin Arsenal

Other (Optional) Exclusions

These exclusions are not (and should not be) necessary. There are certain, exceptionally rare instances, however, where updating the program (PDQ Deploy or PDQ Inventory) fails or there are access or performance issues to the PDQ Deploy Repository.

Program Updates Directory

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Admin Arsenal


%PUBLIC%\Documents\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy\Repository

The path above is the default Repository path as defined in Options > Preferences > Repository. If the path has changed, augment the exclusion as appropriate.

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