Increasing Your License Count

Add licenses to your subscription at any time with a credit card. Any new licenses you purchase will be pro-rated, so they align with your subscription's current renewal date. 

How to Add Licenses from the Billing Portal:

  • Login to your account at 
    • Since your company already has an account with us, you can reach out to the primary account holder and request that they invite you to give you access: Inviting Users to Your Organization

  • Navigate to the Products tab
  • Under My Licenses, click "Add"


  • Click on the plus sign next to the number of new admins until you have the number of new licenses you need or type the number of licenses manually. 


  • If you are renewing with a credit card, click "Complete Purchase" to pay for the new license(s) with the credit card currently saved to your account.


  • If you would prefer to order with an invoice, Click “Generate a quote” to create a formal quote. When you are ready to order:
    • With your written approval, we can process your order and send an invoice based on the quote. Please include your quote number with your confirmation.
    • Purchase Orders can be sent to and should reference your quote number.


  • New license keys will be generated and sent to you when your order is processed.
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