Renewing Your Subscription

PDQ subscriptions now have an auto-renewal feature. You can save a credit card to be used for your yearly renewal or you can receive a Net-30 invoice for payment when your subscription is renewed. Please contact us at if you would like to change your subscription’s auto-renewal method. Invoices can be paid with any of our accepted payment methods (Credit Card, Bank Transfer / ACH, PayPal, or Check)

How to Renew your Subscription

  • If your subscription’s auto-renewal feature is ON, your Products tab will not show a button to renew (as pictured below). You will not need to take any action to renew your subscription. New license keys will be sent to you on your renewal day. After you receive the new keys, enter them into your software, and you will be all set for the next year!


  • If your subscription’s auto-renewal feature is OFF, your Products tab will show a button to renew, and your subscription will expire on the date listed:


  • To renew your subscription, select the “Renew” option. This will process your renewal using the payment method saved to your account. 


  • Click "Pay ____ and renew" to process your renewal with your credit card.
  • If you would prefer to renew your subscription with an invoice, Click “Generate a quote” to create a formal quote. When you are ready to order:
    • With your written approval, we can process your order and send an invoice based on the quote. Please include your quote number with your confirmation.
    • Purchase Orders can be sent to and should reference your quote number.
    • Your invoice can be paid with any of our payment options


Your subscription will now be renewed for an additional year. Your subscription will also continue to renew using the same payment method. If you would prefer to renew manually, please contact us at to disable the auto-renewal feature.

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