Getting Started as a PDQ Reseller

We are happy to work with most resellers to help our customers access PDQ software. To get set up in our system as a reseller, please reach out to with the following information for your organization: 

  • Reseller Company Name: 
  • Reseller Address: 
  • Reseller Phone Number: 
  • Reseller Licensing Delivery Email: 
  • Reseller Invoicing Email: 

If your organization is tax exempt for resale, please include the following information as well:

  • Your organization’s Tax-Exempt Form. 
  • Your organization’s EIN/Tax ID number (This can typically be found on their W9 form.)

Once we receive the documentation, we will pass it along to our accounting team for verification. Any orders you place will reflect your tax-exempt status when this is complete.

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