How to Request a Reseller Quote

We provide unique quotes that are linked to specific End User accounts. Our system will not allow us to generate quotes without complete End User Information. 

To request a quote from us for one of your customers, please provide the following end-user information in a support ticket that you can create here

  • Is this a new Customer? (Yes/No): 
  • Customer Company Name: 
  • Customer Company Address: 
  • Customer Contact Phone Number: 
  • Customer Technical Contact’s Full Name: 
  • Customer Technical Contact’s Email Address: 
  • Number of PDQ Deploy & Inventory Licenses Needed: 

If your customer’s team already has a PDQ subscription, including a previous order number, invoice number, or quote number with your request can help us identify the correct end-user account.


For new resellers - If your company has not worked with PDQ previously, please also include the company information below with your request:

  • Reseller Company Name: 
  • Reseller Address: 
  • Reseller Phone Number: 
  • Reseller Licensing Delivery Email: 
  • Reseller Invoicing Email: 

Once we receive this information, we will generate a reseller quote for you. Please be aware that all quotes are valid for 30 days, and we generally can only provide a reseller quote 60 days in advance of your customer’s renewal day. 

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