Package Library Requests

We are Sysadmins helping other Sysadmins. We are always open to suggestions on how to improve the content we offer in the Package Library. This includes software, utilities, and scripts that we can add to benefit our customers. We welcome your input!

Factors We Must Consider

  • Is this commercial software that requires a license or is this free for business customers to use?
  • Does the Package End-User License Agreement (EULA) allow us to redistribute the software?
  • Is this software deployed to the majority of an organization's endpoints/servers or is only used as a utility for a handful of admins? We are interested in software that maximizes the time savings for Sysadmins
  • Are we able to automate checking the Software publisher's site for when new versions are released?
  • Does the package include silent parameters to install for all users (machine-wide installation)?
  • Does it require maintaining a corresponding collection in PDQ Inventory?

Help Us Help You!

  • Download Link? EULA Link?
  • Documentation for Silent Parameters?
  • Do you have the package working already as a custom package? Can you share this with us? What's your recommendation for silent installation?
  • Are there additional addons or preferences we should consider when creating this package?
  • State Your Case! When we publish a new package in the Package Library, we are committing to ownership for our customers in keeping that up to date. Why do you feel this would be a benefit/time savings for our customers?


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