Team Roles and Permissions

Overview: This article covers each of the roles you can assign to your team within PDQ's billing portal.


Owner – This role has full access to your PDQ account and is the primary point of contact for your subscription. This role is assigned to you when you create your account. Only the account owner can assign a new account owner.

The account owner can provide your team with access to your account with one of 2 roles, depending on what access is needed:

Admin – This role has full access to your PDQ account and billing information. Admins can view and edit information within the billing page. Admins can also edit or remove other users from the organization.

This role is ideal for your team lead, management, or anyone on your accounting team that might need to update your billing or payment information. 

Member– This is the default role. Members cannot access the billing page or edit any users in the organization. Members can invite others to join the organization.

This role is ideal for team members who will be using Deploy & Inventory, who may need access to your license keys in the future.


Editing a User’s Role 

  1. On the 'Team' page, locate the user that needs their role updated
  2. Click on 'Manage'
  3. Edit the role by clicking on the drop-down menu below their name
  4. Click 'Save Changes'


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