Starting Your Deploy & Inventory Subscription

Overview: How to get started with PDQ Deploy & Inventory as a brand-new PDQ customer. 

  1. Log in to your PDQ account at 
    If you don’t have an account yet, please see our article: 'Creating a New Account'
  2. On the 'Dashboard' page, select 'Buy now'
  3. Enter the number of administrators on your team that need licenses.
    Now you can either generate a quote or simply pay and activate your subscription immediately:
  4. To purchase the new license(s), select 'Checkout now' - the next page will confirm the cost you’ll pay today.
  5. Confirm your billing and shipping address details along with your payment information. You can save a credit card or link a US bank account.
  6. Click 'Subscribe’ to process your payment and activate your Deploy & Inventory license(s).

    A download link for PDQ Deploy & Inventory can be found on the order confirmation page. License keys will be sent to the technical contacts currently listed on your account immediately. Take care to enter the keys into Deploy & Inventory, and you’re all set!

    If you missed the download link, or the email with your license keys, you can access these from your dashboard at any time. Check out the linked articles below to guide you through locating them:
  • Download PDQ Deploy & Inventory
  • Access your License Keys
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