Adding New Licenses to Your Subscription

Overview: This article covers how to add new licenses to your Deploy & Inventory subscription:

  1. Log into your PDQ account at 
  2. On the ‘Dashboard’ page, select ‘Manage Subscription’ 
  3. Select ‘Add more licenses’ 
  4. Enter the number of new licenses needed.
    The cost of the additional license(s) will be pro-rated so that it co-terms with your existing license(s).
  5. You can now purchase the new license(s) immediately with a credit card / bank account, or generate a quote: 


    To Purchase the New License(s) with a Credit Card / US Bank Account:
    Select ‘Checkout now’ - the next page will confirm the pro-rated cost you’ll pay today, as well as an expected yearly renewal cost. Clicking ‘Pay Now’ will process your payment and activate the new license(s) immediately. New license keys will immediately be sent to the technical contacts listed on your account. Take care to enter the new keys into Deploy & Inventory, and you’re all set!   

    To Order with a Quote:
    Enter the email address that will receive the quote and select ‘Email this quote'.

    To confirm your order please submit a ticket here - From there, our team will process your order and send a net-30 invoice for payment.

    Please note that only one email address can be entered at a time. To send the quote to multiple email addresses, you can either enter each one individually or forward the quote.

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