How can I identify Fonts installed on Target Computers


How to identify which fonts are installed on target computers.



Create a custom scan in Scan Profiles to scan for installed fonts.


Depending on how you’d like to see the information, there are at least two ways to achieve this

Option 1: Custom File Scanner

1. In PDQ Inventory, go to File > Preferences > Scan Profiles (Ctrl+comma > Scan Profiles)

2. Click on New and in the “Scan Profile: New Scan Profile” window, click on Add. Select Files from the list of available scanners.

3. Edit the Files Scanner to include %WINDIR%\Fonts\* or %WINDIR%\Fonts\*.ttf

NOTE: The above is the new Files Scanner available in Inventory 8. In previous versions of Inventory, you can still include the above path and wildcard expression.


4. Click OK. You should now have this:


5. Click OK again to save the scan profile.

6. Run the scan against one or more computers. The results of this Scan Profile on a machine will look like this in the Files panel.

Option 2: Custom Registry Scanner

1.Using the same method as the custom Files Scanner above create a Custom Scan profile with Computer Details and a Registry scanner that looks in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows nt\currentversion\fonts


2. Run the scanner. The results of this Scan Profile on a machine will look like this in the Registry panel.


Both of these results will yield information that you can then use in a Report or Collection

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