How can I reset my PDQ Inventory console without uninstalling?


You would like to clean up PDQ Inventory so that it mirrors a fresh install without needing to uninstall/reinstall PDQ Inventory.


Some reasons you might want to do this:

  • You have a lot of clutter (collections and reports) you no longer need or use.
  • Your environment has changed considerably (new domain, additional domains, naming schema change) and need a clean console to capture the changes while discarding old data.
  • You inherited the console from a coworker or previous employee and want to start over with a clean product.



1. Close the PDQ Inventory console if it's running. Then, stop the Background Service. To do this, from an elevated PowerShell Window, run

Stop-Service PDQInventory

2. Go to %PROGRAMDATA%\Admin Arsenal\. Delete the PDQ Inventory directory.

IMPORTANT: The PDQ Service (that was stopped in the Step 1 above) cannot be running.


3. Once the PDQ Inventory directory is deleted, reopen the program. You will need to perform the configuration process again (adding credentials, computers, etc.)


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