Accepted Currencies & International Payments


Accepted Currencies in the PDQ Billing Portal for New Customers

PDQ primarily accepts payments in $ USD, however our customer portal can accept credit card payments in any of the currencies listed below:

US Dollar
Canadian Dollar
British Pound
Australian Dollar
Swiss Franc


Please be aware - this only applies to Credit Card payments at this time. To pay with a wire transfer / EFT with a Non-US Bank Account, please contact us at for assistance.


Changing your Preferred Payment Currency in the Billing Portal

Changing your preferred payment currency for card payments can only be done before you start your PDQ Deploy & Inventory subscription.

  1. Login to your PDQ account at 

  2. On the 'Account' page, click the 'Currency' drop-down menu under your organization name


  3. Save changes, and you're all set! The billing portal will now reflect prices based on your preferred currency.

Please note - This option is only available for new PDQ customers. 

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