Accepted Currencies & International Payments


Accepted Currencies in the PDQ Billing Portal for New Customers

PDQ primarily accepts payments in $ USD, however our customer portal can accept credit card payments in any of the currencies listed below:

US Dollar
Canadian Dollar
British Pound
Australian Dollar
Swiss Franc


Please be aware - this only applies to Credit Card payments at this time. To pay with a wire transfer / EFT with a Non-US Bank Account, please click here to submit a ticket for assistance.


Changing your Preferred Payment Currency in the Billing Portal

Changing your preferred payment currency for card payments can only be done before you start your PDQ Deploy & Inventory subscription.

  1. Login to your PDQ account at 

  2. On the 'Account' page, click the 'Currency' drop-down menu under your organization name


  3. Save changes, and you're all set! The billing portal will now reflect prices based on your preferred currency.

Please note - This option is only available for new PDQ customers. 

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