A Guide to PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory Version Numbering

You wish to understand the PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory versioning scheme and changes in version 18.


Starting in version 18, PDQ.com has changed the way we utilize the product version number. In previous versions, PDQ used a 4-digit Major.Minor.Beta.Patch versioning scheme. For example:

  • = the beta of version 17

  • = version 17 (the 1 indicates the first release)

  • = the second release of version 17

  • = a customer build after the second release of 17

This versioning scheme is no longer used starting in major version 18.

Deploy and Inventory 18 or later now use a semver-like approach: Major.Minor.Patch. In the release code currently, translates to Major version 18, Minor version 0, Patch 21.

If you have 'Auto Update Check' enabled, you will be notified in the console that 'A new version is available'. Clicking that link will open the 'Check for Update' page seen below. However, if you are updating from version 17 or below, this page will alert you that this version is a beta although it is, in fact, the release.

This is because our previous versioning scheme reserved the 3rd digit for beta releases. Any upgrade from 17 or below will continue to translate the 3rd digit as a beta. Be assured that as of September 16, 2019 version is the release version of both PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory and not the 21st beta.

In the future, the same version of code may be elevated from beta to release. Once a beta is determined to be a stable build, it will be elevated to a release. The release will not have a new version number but it will trigger a release notification.

Based on this new versioning, we've also updated our notifications of releases and betas. You have the option to subscribe to either the release or beta channel or not receive any alerts at all. The selection is located in Options > Preferences > Alerts (or Ctrl+,).

The Beta Channel will allow you access to features faster but is not suitable nor recommended for production environments. Keep in mind, the same version of code can start as a beta, but be elevated to a release as long as no release-blocking bugs are found during the beta testing period. You will only receive download notifications for the channel you subscribe to.

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