Server Setup with RAS VPN Setup Wizard

Please note that the RAS VPN Setup Wizard is a free tool that is provided as-is. We do not offer any additional product support for it beyond the information found in this knowledge base.

Running the Wizard on Windows Server


After accepting the Terms and Conditions the wizard will check for prerequisites.


The Server prerequisites in this article are required for installation to continue

RAS VPN Setup Wizard System Requirements

The following prerequisites have the ability to be ignored manually

  • No Remote Access Server configuration detected
  • No Network Policy Server configuration detected



IP Address Assignment

Select whether to use your existing DHCP server, or the RAS server can assign addresses from a Static IP Range.

SSL Certificate

Select to have the wizard create a certificate for you or to provide your own.

  • If choosing to let the wizard create one, make sure the password does not include a dollar sign "$".

Active Directory Group

Select the Active Directory Group to allow users access to your network through this server. Ensure that this is a security group and not any other group type.

Client Configuration

Connection Name will be the name of the connection that is created when installing the RAS client.

Server Hostname is the over-the-internet accessible address for the clients to connect to your server. This can be an IP address such as your public IP, or an FQDN so long as it is able to resolve publicly.


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