How do I update an enterprise iOS app while in Single App lock mode? - SimpleMDM

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Enterprise iOS app updates can be pushed to devices running iOS 11.2.5 or later while Single App Lock is enabled using the same methods available for regular app updates.

If your device is running a version of iOS previous to 11.2.5, updates to enterprise iOS apps will not work while Single App Lock is enabled. For these situations, we recommend the following workflow:

  1. Enable single app mode for a different app, such as Safari. This will open the Safari app.
  2. Disable single app mode. Safari app remains open.
  3. Push the app update to the device via SimpleMDM.
  4. Once the app update has completed, re-enable single app mode for the original app.

Please note that this assumes that Safari is not being blocked on the device either through the "Allow Safari" checkbox option within a Restrictions profile or through an App Restrictions configuration. If it is, either unblock it during this process or select a different app in lieu of Safari that is both installed on the device and is not blocked.�

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