macOS Support - SimpleMDM

You may have noticed that things look a little different. SimpleMDM is now part of the family and we are in the process of moving all of the SimpleMDM Knowledge Base articles to their new home. If you notice any links that are broken or if anything does not work as expected, please email and let us know!

SimpleMDM allows an administrator to manage macOS devices similarly to iOS devices within the administrator interface.

Due to differences in macOS as well as SimpleMDM, not all iOS MDM features are also supported for macOS. These features are known to work for macOS:

  • Device Actions:�Lock device, wipe device, re-enroll/unenroll device, disable Activation Lock.
  • Device & App Inventory: Device, network, security, and installed app inventory information.
  • Apps: Volume Purchase Program (VPP), macOS package (PKG) deployment, hosted SimpleMDM-Munki integration (PKGs and DMGs).
  • Accounts: Email (Exchange / IMAP / POP) and VPN.
  • Configurations: AirPrint printers, AirPlay destinations, certificates, custom configuration profiles, FileVault, Firewall settings, firmware passwords, kernel extension policies, passcode / screensaver policies, restrictions, VPN accounts, privacy preferences policies, system extensions policies, web clips, notification settings, macOS software update policy, and wireless networks.
  • Enrollment: manual enrollment (URL), Automated Enrollment (DEP), User Enrollment (macOS 10.15+).
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