Munki Settings - SimpleMDM

You may have noticed that things look a little different. SimpleMDM is now part of the family and we are in the process of moving all of the SimpleMDM Knowledge Base articles to their new home. If you notice any links that are broken or if anything does not work as expected, please email and let us know!

Configure Munki Settings

To configure settings for the Managed Software Center on your devices, go to Apps & Media > Munki > Settings tab.

Hide/Show SimpleMDM icon in Menu Bar for Managed Software Center

To control whether the SimpleMDM icon is shown in the Menu Bar when the Managed Software Center is installed, select "Visible" or "Hidden" in the "SimpleMDM macOS Menu Bar Icon" field.

Set a custom banner image in the Managed Software Center

Click "Choose Image" in the "Custom Munki Banner" field and follow the prompts to upload your image. For optimal display, images should have a size of (or close to) 1158x200. For new banner images to be displayed, the device will need to check in via Munki and have the Managed Software Center restarted.

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