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windows 10 22h2

Microsoft released a new build - 22h2

but the collection of windows 10 are not recognized the new change

"Win 10 22H2 missing update KBXXXXXXX...." - this is the title of the collection





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  • Is that a custom collection of yours? The PDQ collection, Collection Library > Windows Updates > Workstations > Windows 10 > Windows 10 Version 22H2 is working for us.

  • Nope, i'm still seeing XXXXXX instead of KB numbers

  • Can you attach a screenshot of what you're seeing and of the collection and its filters?

  • The Win 10 Version 22H2 Cumulative Update (Old) collection is working as intended. 22H2 just came out, so any devices that have it are up to date. There are no updates for 22H2 yet. PDQ uses KBXXXXXXX as a placeholder for new releases like this. The collection also looks at O/S Version, not just Hot Fix Name.