PDQ Deploy/Inventory version System Variables for Deploy/Inventory

Just to preface, I'm aware of the $(PDQDeployVersion) and $(PDQInventoryVersion) System Variables as well as creating Custom Variables. I was hoping if it would be possible to add System Variables, similar to the many other third-party app variables, for Deploy and Inventory in Deploy and Inventory which auto-update based off the latest release version?



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  • You can get close to that with version 6.0.0 or later of my PowerShell module, PdqStuff. The code below will look up the current Release version, create/update a Custom variable in Inventory, then sync it to Deploy. Deploy and Inventory always release at the same time, so only 1 variable is required.

    If you don't already have PdqStuff installed, run this first. Open PowerShell as an admin. You will most likely have to accept a few prompts:

    Set-ExecutionPolicy 'RemoteSigned'
    Install-Module -Name 'PdqStuff'
    Import-Module -Name 'PdqStuff'

    The main code:

    $LatestRelease = (Get-PdqLatestVersion).version
    Set-PdqCustomVariable -Name 'PDQLatestRelease' -Value $LatestRelease -Product 'Inventory'
    Sync-PdqVariable -Name 'PDQLatestRelease'
  • Nice! I'll definitely give this a look over! I had developed my own set of scripts to update my custom variables but thought something like this might be possible to implement into the system variables to be a bit more "fool proof" per se.

    I really enjoy what is currently auto-updating in the system variables, and the package/collection library for that matter. So this should get me by until such a time that the auto-update variables might be implemented.



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