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  • This package has been added to the package library. Thanks for reaching out

  • Have not tested 2022 but the 2023 package does not work. I've tested this on 3 computers, it fails to launch because it is pending some kind of final setup and event viewer shows a dll error. A manual uninstall and download/reinstall from the autodesk website works fine so it's definitely something with the deployment package.

  • Hi Nick,

    The first version we released of DWG 2023 had this issue. It showed installed, but would not launch correctly. Please make sure you delete any old versions you have and download the latest DWG 2023 package from the Package Library. This should correct the problem your seeing. If that doesn't work, please open a support ticket and we are happy to continue troubleshooting with you.


  • Thank you so much for the lightning quick response! I assumed I already had the latest version because it was auto-updating but after removing the package and re-adding it I now had an additional step in the sequence that wasn't there before to perform the fix described in that link. I must have originally grabbed that package a lot longer ago than I thought, but we only first started deploying it this week. Haven't tested it yet but I'm confident this will fix the problem, thank you!!!!


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