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Fist of all I want to say great products. Just started using PDQ Deploy and Inventory and everything is exactly like I wanted to be. Since I just started I have a few questions, and today I will start with number one.

Is there a possibility for a package or multiple packages for that matter to start deploying automatically when a new client is added in the Target area or in the PDQ Inventory collection? Off course I prefer collection, but either way works. The clients are a mixed of domain joined, cross-forest and workgroup, but as long as DNS is in place I don't think it matters to much for PDQ.

So let's say I have a collection with some clients in it. After a while I manually or dynamically add a few more. I want the package(s) to automatically start deploying on these new clients. What I am trying to achieve is more like a baseline deployment.

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  • There's a few ways you can do this. We have a collection of computers that are in the OU where new computers get placed (Collection Filter: Computer > ADPath > Contains > OU Name). Then we run a schedule hourly with all the packages new computers need to get. You can find tune a collection a few different ways as well as how aggressive the schedule runs. 

    PDQ also has a blog on integrating with MDT if you want to go that route.

  • We do something similar.  I just have a schedule setup with all the packages and the Target is a specific OU in AD where newly imaged machines are placed.

  • And when the packages get installed you go and manually move those computers to their respective OUs.

    Got it. I thought there was a different process for this.

    Thanks a lot for the help,

  • That's correct.


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