Once-deploy and auto deploy to failed targeta

is there any way to do a once-deploy (not scheduled based on interval), and have the feature to auto deploy to failed targets automatically? suppose i have to deploy a script in a once-deploy over a list of 500 targets, and that script failed (for other reasons different than offline) in 100 targets. I wish to that deploy runs again over failed targets without my intervention. Similary to the option “Stop deploying to targets once they succeed” in schedule, but only with once-deploy. thanks


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  • Redeploy to Failed Targets is close. Unfortunately, you can't automate it.

  • If you want to automate it, you are going to need a Schedule. Then you can do things such as make the Targets list in the schedule refer to a Dynamic group in Inventory where the members are based on the package failure or whatever rules you want.


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