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PDQ Inventory - Bitlocker encrypted devices

Hello together,

we are trying to build a collection where we can see all devices that are encrypted with Bitlocker or not.
Unfortunately, the listing here does not work correctly....
We see devices that, for example, had an external hard drive connected during the last scan and are therefore considered "not encrypted".

However, if I take a report and put here in the Colums that with the media type is also still displayed, then the filter works exactly as it should.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to specify colums in the collections. How can I build the collection so that only devices are displayed whose "fixed hard disk" is not encrypted?




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  • If the filters for the report are the same, the results should be the same. What are the filters on your report?

    One issue I could see with your filter on the collection is that since you aren't targeting a specific device, so it will look at all of them. And since the group filter is all, it should only report if ALL fixed hard disk media are or are not encrypted. Which is fine if that's what you want it to show.

    This is what I use for bitlocker. 

  • I thought so too, as long as I remove the "Disk Drive Media Type" column from the report. I get the same result as in the collection.
    Picture 2 and 4 show exactly the same filter. In one of them, only the Disk Drive Media Type is additionally displayed via the columns.

    Picture 2, on the however, also shows devices with connected, non-encrypted USB devices. 

    The filters in the report and in the collection are the same as in picture 1.
    In the report I refer to my existing collection via the Collection Source.

    Unfortunately I can't build my filter this way, because not every device has only one disk C:. Some devices have D,E,X,Y or Z. There is no real structure