Add more then 1 value in a filter

Hi everyone,

in one of my filters I want to exclude several devices from the filter. At the moment I'm doing this one by one, but I thought I was possible to add more then 1 value is a filter. Is this correct and if so, how should I do this?




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  • I'm assuming that the devices being targeted are for an anomalous reason and can't be filtered by a property or scanner. You could do it two other ways, but both still require manual updating.

    The first would be through a custom field on devices. Then set a filter to exclude any devices where the custom field equals a value you set.

    The second would be exclude based on expressions. Group filter = Not Any. Filter = Computer > Name > Matches Expression > @(VariableName). The variable would be defined as "DeviceName1|DeviceName2|DeviceName3|".

    You're still having to manually update something either way, whether it's a collection, custom field, or variable.

  • Another option is to create a Collection (Dynamic or Static) that contains the computers you would like to exclude, then add the following Filter to your Collection:

    Computer | Collection | Is Not Member | Exclusion collection

  • Thanks James D! That was doing the trick.


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