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R / R Project (Statistical Software)

 The R Project is a commonly used statistical software package in the educational and scientific community. It is a "free" software product.

Application name - R
Vendor/Publisher - R Project
Application Version - Current (R version 3.3.2 (Sincere Pumpkin Patch))
Download links to the Software - (educational mirrors)



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  • Official comment

    Submitted and waiting for internal approval.

  • Use the command / VERYSILENT to do a silent install of this program. I also chose to delete the shortcut from the desktop but that's up to you

    del "%PUBLIC%\Desktop\R x64 3.3.2.lnk" /F
    del "%PUBLIC%\Desktop\R i386 3.3.2.lnk" /F


  • Taking a look at this now. I'll let you know how things go.

  • Old post, but would also like to see this.  Getting more and more request from data analyst.

  • Hello, just following up on this request for "R" to be added to your software catalog. In addition, I am interested in the status of "R Studio" requested by another user:

    When will these be implemented? Thank you.

  • Current Version is now 4.2.2    This is very useful in the academic community