Inventory, collection based on membership in many collections not working

Hi all.

I think I might be doing something wrong, but if I set a dynamic collection filter to filter All and have more than one "Member of Collection" line, the filter returns empty. The membership works for each line, but together it doesn't.

If the filter is Any, the superset appears as expected.

I want one collection to display the computers present in all collections I specify.

Thanks in advance!





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  • Interesting. I can replicate your results. This returns 0 computers:

    However, adding extra filters fixes it:

    This correctly returns only the computers that are members of both collections.

  • Very nice, thank you for this workaround.

    I can now proceed with the project but hope AA will look at this.

  • I'm not sure it's a bug. I think it's just a quirk of the way filters work. I believe it's doing a database query for every filter. What you are doing requires a database join, so you need to do 2 separate queries to be able to join anything. I'm just guessing though :)

  • Yes, could be :)

    Thanks again for the help, I never would have tried this :)

  • Thanks, Colby.

    This is due to the nature of SQL. The two tables used represent a one to many relationship. This is similar to the Computers and Applications tables. One computer can have many applications this is why you would need to perform the same breakdown if you were looking for a computer that had two or more specific applications. The original collection would never return any computers because at the filter level SQL was trying to see if each computer was a member of a collection that was called both 7-Zip AND Adobe Flash. When you separate the two similar filters into different group filters then you can get what you are looking for.

    We are discussing some ways that we can make this a little more intuitive. Sorry for the confusion.

  • When put in context with one to many relationships and the other tables, it is totally making sense, thanks Shane and Colby.


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