Continuously running vs. repeated deployments

I have a self-service system on my domain that I would like to run every 30s-1min to check for new requests. Are there performance issues with:

 - having the script run continuously on a single deployment,


 - setting up a schedule to run the script repeatedly at short intervals?



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  • I think it would be best to write the script with a built in timer and use Task Scheduler to launch it at boot.

    While ( $true ) {


    Start-Sleep -Seconds 30


    Running it from a single deployment wouldn't work well because they time out after a specified time period. Triggering it from a schedule would work, but you are going to clog up PDQ with 2,880 extra deployments per day.


  • I would recommend having your script call PDQ once it receives a request. PDQ has a command line interface:

  • The script does call PDQ to perform the actual software deployment - the requests are logged on a different server, and the script pulls those requests and fulfills them. I was thinking of putting the script into a package so that I could manage it (start, stop, check for errors, etc.) from within PDQ as opposed to being a Windows background task.

  • So you want to build a package that contains a script that checks a server for requests and attach that package to a schedule that runs every 30 seconds? Do I understand your layout correctly?

  • Yes. The question is whether that is a better idea than having the script run itself every 30s on a manually deployed package.

  • That's the info that I was looking for. Thanks!


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