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I need to remove machine-level installed versions of Chrome.  I know (and have used) the per-user installed removal package, but don't see a pre-built package to remove Chrome if it was installed at the machine level.





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  • From PDQ Inventory (if you have it), you can send a remote command to any PC by opening their applications list and right-clicking Chrome and selecting the uninstall option. You can also copy the uninstall path (which should start with MsiExec.exe) from PDQ Inventory into a custom package in PDQ Deploy. All it'll take is a command step.

  • Monica has the best idea.


    if you open Inventory, Select a Host, and go to the Applications tab of that host you should see an entry like this for Chrome:


    Create a new Package in PDQ Deploy, add a Command Step, and paste that MSI uninstall string into the command Window:



    Save the Package after you name everything the way you want, and then deploy it to your machines. Success! You've just uninstalled Chrome at the machine level!

  • Good walkthrough, Stephen.

    One thing that I have noticed when making uninstall packages is that some computers might fail because they have a different enough version of an application that the values behind the /X will be different in their uninstall commands. All that takes to remedy is running a PDQ Inventory report to collect computers with different uninstall paths, and then making new uninstall packages as needed. It's a rare thing to come across but something to watch out for--I've only seen it from old/obsolete software, and software that was installed at the machine level/for all users without PDQ Deploy.

  • Ok. I can't do anything without suggesting powershell.


    Here, this will grab whatever version of Chrome you have on a machine and Nuke it. Use at your own risk:

    $chrome = Get-WMIObject win32_product | Where-Object {$_.Name -match "Chrome"}
    $name = $chrome.Name
    $id = $chrome.IdentifyingNumber.Trim("{}")
    $ver = $chrome.Version
    $classkey="IdentifyingNumber=`"`{$id`}`",Name=`"Google Chrome`",Version=`"$ver`""




  • I use this command for many of my uninstall packages. It's nice because you just have to fill in the name.

    wmic product where "name like 'Google Chrome%%'" call uninstall /nointeractive


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