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PDQDeploy.exe and Auto Deployments

I seem to not be able to deploy Auto Deploy packages with the command line utility. Doesn't matter what I hates me.


Take Gimp as an example.


It shows up in the Auto Deployment List as GIMP, it has a name of GIMP 2.8.18 in the Packages table from the database. 


pdqdeploy.exe Deploy -Package GIMP -Targets <target>

Package not found: GIMP


pdqdeploy.exe Deploy -Package "GIMP 2.8.18" -Targets <target>

Package not found: GIMP 2.8.18


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  • Were you able to find an answer to this? I am able to replicate your results. 

  • you have to specify the path of the package as you can have a package with the same name in multiple locations. So, if you use a command like:

    PDQDeploy.exe Deploy -Package "Packages\Adobe Flash" -Targets "PC001"

    Then it will work.

  • Yes, that works for normal packages, but not Auto Deployment packages. They are missing FolderId and their Path is abnormal.

    sqlite> .schema Packages
    CREATE TABLE "Packages" ("PackageId" integer not null primary key autoincrement, FolderId, Name, Path, Description, Version, PackageDefinitionId, Created, Modified, SharedDatabaseId, CanShare, LibraryPackageVersionId, IsAutoDeploy);

    2|1|7-Zip 16.04|Packages\7-Zip 16.04
    9||GIMP 2.8.18|GIMP 2.8.18
  • I opened an internal ticket for this.

  • In our environment I have have created a deployment called like this:


    This deployment has one step linking to the auto-downloaded GIMP package. Whenever the GIMP (nice Pulp Fiction reference btw) gets updated, the Self-Service_GIMP deployment gets updated also, therefor it is always the latest version!

    The command: "C:\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy\PDQDeploy.exe" Deploy -Package "Self-Service_GIMP" -Targets

    Make sure you have enough licenses; If you only have one license and an PDQ Deploy Console windows open, this might cause a violation.


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