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In-house app collection issues

We have two variants of the same Lightswitch app (one live and one test), and the dynamic collections for them fluctuate wildly in membership after scheduled scans return their results.

The collections are set up with Application Name Equals and Publisher Equals, as one's publisher is named for our test server and another for the live server.

The test version is on 20 PCs and laptops, and the live version has a broader reach being installed on about 60 machines. But when I checked the collections' memberships this morning, the test version only had 10 members and the live version only had 27. The PCs are left on over the weekend, and our scheduled scan is at 7AM on Sundays.

Is there something that my collection filters are missing, or something the scheduled scan (standard) is missing?

I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem with in-house apps not being collected right. It hasn't been an issue for dynamic collections I've built for outside software.



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  • Do the applications show up in the Applications tab of computers that are missing from the collections?

  • They don't, but the COM Interface versions associated with the apps do.

    I'm wondering if perhaps what's happening is only the COM Interfaces show up when no user is logged in? But some the users whose computers are staying on the list as they should log out over the weekend.