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First try Pull then Push

Short Version:

I would like to have a Scheduled Deployment first try Pull and then, if that fails, try Push.

Long Version:

We have our Deploy Repository in DFS so files get replicated by DFS to remote servers.  Then we use Pull for Deployments so files are pulled from the local DFS location and not across the network from a central location.  The problem is sometimes the DFS is slow to replicate and the scheduled deployments fail with the "Pull copy failed" error because the file has not been copied locally yet.  When this happens we can manually Redeploy and change to Push and the deployments are successful.  Is there a way either in the Package, Schedule, or Preferences to have this "First try Pull, then if it fails, try Push" system happen automatically?

Thanks for your help.



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  • Hi David,

    you can override the Push/Pull global configuration in the package. Properties > [Tab] Options
    You can create two individual packages each with specific copy option.

    Then you can create a "deployment" package which will use those 2 packages as nested ones.

    When the first package ends you have the option to select what happens on failed/successful execution.

    So if its OK, exit, If it failed, continue with the second nested package.

    This should work, but won't take in account a failure within the package itself.