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Gather DNS entires on each computer

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to retrieve the DNS address(es) entered in on each computer. I was able to find the following thread but the attached files are missing in it.

I got to the point of making a registry scan (through scan profiles) but it will scan for ALL entries and give me some bogus information (old DNS records that aren't even entered into a computer that I can find).

Does anyone have advice on how to get the true, actual DNS entry being used on a computer? (DHCP and/or Static)

Thanks in advance!



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    Good news. With the introduction of Inventory 15 (the beta was released yesterday), you can get the DNS information on machines using the WMI Scanner, including the DNS search order.

    There's an example for doing just that in this KB, Inventory WMI Scanner: Usage and Examples.

    Since it's a beta, I recommend installing it on a different machine than your production PDQ Inventory console.


  • As i am not sure if the DNS information is collected, the easiest way is to deploy a small batch with the following command in it:

    ipconfig /all >> \\server\share\ip-settings.txt


    netsh interface ip show dnsservers > \\server\share\%computername%-dns-info.txt