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Is Adobe Patch Applied?

Does anyone know how to create a dynamic collection of the computers that do not have Adobe Reader DC 15.023.20053 patch applied? Ac Reader at that version is installed but I don't know how to track if the patch was applied.

Same goes for removing the Chrome extension (how can I tell if it has/has not been done) but one step at a time.



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  • Hi Jack, all you have to do is to install PDQ Inventory (beta) and check:

    Collection library > PDF Apps > PDF Readers > Adobe Reader DC > Adobe Reader DC (old)

    But you have to have the enterprise version installed.

    If you have the Pro edition of PDQ Inventory, then try the following:
    File > New dynamic collection
    In the new collection windows specify a name of the collection (OLD DC Reader).
    Edit default filter and choose Filter: Application | Column: Name | Comparison: Starts with | Value: Adobe Reader DC
    Click "Add value filter" and choose Filter: Application | Column: Version |  Comparison: Version Lower than | $(AppVerAdobeReaderDC)

    Save the collection, rescan computers and refresh the view of the collection

    EDIT: If you are not able to populate the $(AppVerAdobeReaderDC) variable, enter the latest version as you can see in Add/Remove programs.(as of now 15.023.20053)

  • Thank you SelfMan,


    I suppose I should have mentioned that I already did those checks. I assume other has already knew of the issues and had a workaround. The version number for the patch and the original version are the same for the two I deploy:

    Reader X and Patch version- 10.1.16

    Reader DC Classic and patch 15.006.30279

    So I see know way to tell the difference.   

  • If you are using the Adobe Reader packages from the Package Library those include the latest patches. There is a separate Patch package so that you don't have to reinstall the entire application every time there's an update. That's why the version numbers you are seeing are the same.

  • Thanks Colby, it is all sinking in now. If you can't tell I'm new to the package. I must say it is the most intuitive package for its power I've ever used. 

  • I would just add something to this that I just discovered today. I started to use the collection library in conjunction with the PDQ Deploy package library to keep Adobe Reader updated but I didn't realize that due to the filter looking for Adobe *Reader*, any workstations that have Adobe *Acrobat* will have Reader pushed out to them as well. I think the only way around this is to create my own filter that looks for missing Adobe Reader but also excludes workstations that have Adobe Acrobat.