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Win 10 1511 to 1607 package request

Please consider providing a Win10 1511 to 1607 update package. WSUS just doesn't work for us and I'll be weeks trying to deploy the update manually.



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    Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a way to deploy 1607 as it's not a standard .MSU file. Microsoft has released it for download as a full ISO version of Windows. Because of this we'll have to say no for making it a package. If anyone knows i way around this please let me know. 

  • I was having issues deploying 1607 through WSUS as well. Clients failed to download the update. I was able to fix it by adding this MIME type to IIS on my WSUS server:

    File name extension = .esd

    MIME type = application/octect-stream

  • @Stephen, that is correct. We ran into the same issue and exactly same fix.

  • @all up

    I`ve been testing deployment of that update using PDQ Deploy and it seems working just fine (but it takes few hours to install though).


    You need to download 1607 iso from MS site and copy content to your PDQ repository.

    In first step create a folder for logs and installation files lets call it Anniversary_update

    mkdir C:\Anniversary_update\logs

    in the same step lets robocopy files from repository to our new folder:

    robocopy.exe "\\UNC_PATH\TO\YOUR\ANNIVERSARY\FILES" "C:\Anniversary_update\temp\" /MIR /log:C:\Anniversary_update\logs\Win10Update-1607.log

    Now create new step in package and let the magic happen :)

    cd "C:\Anniversary_update\temp\"
    SETUP.EXE /Auto Upgrade /Quiet /showoobe none /DynamicUpdate enable /migratedrivers all /copylogs C:\Anniversary_update\logs\Win10InstallLogs

    Installer works in background but it ends with a reboot so It`ll be nice to inform your clients prior to update :)

    PS. I`m writing this from the top of my head so some typos may be included :(

    Remember to test it in your environment


  • Hi all, apologies for dregding up an older thread but I'm kinda stuck with both WSUS and PDQ for upgrading 1511 clients.

    I've followed Marcin's steps as above but I'm getting the following error - The file 'autorun.dll' could not be loaded or is corrupt. Setup cannot continue. Error code is [0x7E].

    Google has suggested the ISO could be corrupt, but I've tried extracting several different Win10 1607 ISO's to no avail.

    Anyone come across this error?