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    Good news. With the introduction of PDQ Inventory 14, you can now use LAPS with PDQ Inventory (and by extension, PDQ Deploy). For more information, please see this article: LAPS Integration With PDQ Inventory And PDQ Deploy.

    If you need help configuring LAPS in your environment, please see this article: Configuring LAPS in Your Environment, which also includes a link to a recent webcast on the topic.

  • Looks like a useful tool. I've seen other tools for listing local admins but none for doing things like this!

  • We are testing LAPS to certain small AD groups at the moment.  This is in Lieu of having one local admin password for all campus computers.

    So far, it is working out well!

    Pretty easy install if you want to create your own package.

    LAPS.x64.msi /quiet

  • We use LAPS in our environment. There are two main components: a CSE and a UI. The CSE is deployed to all endpoints and the UI to those that read passwords. Use this switch to toggle CSE and UI:



    There is more involved than package deployment but I do agree it would be handy to have LAPS available to auto deploy.

  • Would be good to have LAPs for clients in the package library to manage auto updates