Chrome Enterprise Flash fix

Not planned



  • Nate Blevins


    I was reading about the issue you've been having.


    Because this issue is only affecting a small subset of Chrome users and because the fix requires touching user files, we would prefer not to make a step in our package that deletes those user files for anyone that installs the package.

    However, i do want to figure this issue out with you. Hopefully Google will release a fix soon for this, but until then there is something i want you to try if you're able to. Let's see if we can get you up and running without touching those user files.

    The first thing i would do is disable component updates through a GPO, to stop chrome from trying to auto update flash and overwriting anything we try next. You can find that setting in the picture bellow.

    After that's done I want to see if manually updating Pepper Flash (PPAPI) will fix this issue. We have a package for this titled "Adobe Flash for PPAPI". You can install it separately or if you want you can even make it a deployment that installs alongside chrome.

    Please try this and let me know if that works. I am unable to test this myself as our environment is unable to replicate the Chrome flash update issue.

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  • Donny B. (kameleon)

    I fully understand the not wanting to use the shotgun approach! I will try that out the next time one of our users notify us of the bug. 

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