Bulk editing Inventory Collections


So far, I've been exporting to XML, editing in Notepad++, then re-importing. The issue is that, when importing, all the Collection IDs are modified (to prevent duplicates). This means that any PDQ Deploy schedules that point at a collection no longer work. 

1. Is there a way to import the XML and overwrite existing collections?

2. Failing that, is there a way to delete the existing collections and import the changed version, but retain the ID?

3. If both of the above aren't viable, is it possible to edit the collections directly (I don't have any database experience so using SQL queries isn't a possibility).

Thanks in advance for any help!





Date Votes
    1. No
    2. I don't believe so
    3. SQL is the only way I see of doing this

    What are you changing in bulk? I can help you write SQL statements.

  • +2 for SQL. The collective hivemind here can definitely assist.

  • Thanks very much for the responses!

    Really appreciate the offer of SQL help but I've enlisted the help of the SQL guru here so creating the queries is going to be ok.

    I can't seem to find where the Collection data is kept i.e. the info below. 

    Could you tell me where it's stored in the database?


  • Huh, I never realized this, but those are stored in ReportDefinitionFilters. Not exactly where I expected them to be.


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