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Testnav package.

Hey everyone, I am pretty new to using PDQ.  At my school we have used it to install testnav and various other testing software and I am in charge of pushing out those updates. What I have ran into is not being able to install testnav on PCs that have an older version. I was wondering if there was an easy way to tell PDQ to uninstall previous versions then install the current one. I saw a guide where you get the uninstall file from the registry but i couldn't find an uninstall file there for testnav. Thanks for any and all help, i apologize if this is in the wrong place.





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  • Are you familiar with Powershell at all? Comfortable running it?

  • Hey, Thanks for taking a moment. Unfortunately I have never used powershell, it does look like something I would like to learn/should learn.


    Before I jump off the deep end, do you have PDQ Inventory as well?

  • I did not previously but I did just download it.  Also it is the free version.  From what I can see it looks pretty useful.  I am going to try and get my boss to get me the paid version.

  • command step.

    for v:

    MsiExec.exe /qn /norestart /X{6E7F1FD1-CFD7-4705-BD27-61F6952EEEB3}