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Uninstall Black Ice - command line & silent parameters

Perhaps someone can give me a hand with this.

We're hoping to roll out a new version of Black Ice imaging software to about 35-40 users. A support call with Black Ice resulted in them telling us we couldn't have a mixed version environment with our license, otherwise people running the new version would only get a 15-day trial... which has already expired. The real stinker here, and why I have a big mess to clean up, is that the old version was only an executable and the new version finally has an msi.

Here's what Inventory gives me as an uninstall command:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield Installation Information\{2EB57667-B47D-4432-BB49-CB5F5529C1D7}\setup.exe" -runfromtemp -l0x0409  -removeonly

Black Ice doesn't seem to want to give away their silent parameters, and /S, /s, /silent, /verysilent, /quiet, and all of those with a - instead of a / won't work either. The command results in a return code of 0, but Black Ice is still there.

Any advice on what to try next is greatly appreciated! We have to uninstall the old version from almost as many systems as need the new version installed on, so it's either a half an hour more of playing with silent parameters and command lines, or an entire Saturday going around computer to computer and manually uninstalling.

Thanks in advance, all!



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  • Is that GUID the same on all the computers with the older version? Sometimes that GUID changes. That's gonna be a real kick in the nuts if that is the case. Verify that for me quick and I'll go grab my thinking cap out of the shed while I wait.

  • There are five or six different paths across 37 computers with it installed. I've dealt with the same sort of thing from other applications I've needed to uninstall--but their publishers weren't so stingy with silent parameters!

  • Do you have the original installer exe handy?


  • Sure do. We have the new msi and the old exe on the network drive, and the users who have the old versions have a setup executable in their C drive.

  •  Any chance I could get my hands on the EXE file?

  • Unfortunately that's against our security policies (vague, I know, sorry). The Black Ice website might have an executable available for demoing, but I'm not sure if you'd get an executable or an msi from their request form. I feel like I'm in the middle of a rock and hardplace sandwich.

  • Totally get it, but I thought I'd ask. can you tell me a version # of the old one? I'll do some digging.


  • Looks like 14.40 is our most recent old exe version.

  • Yeah I can't get to that version.

    Here's what I was going to try. do you have 7zip installed?


    If you do, right click the exe file and extract it to the current directory. 7zip will unbundle it into cab files and what not. Most times they just wrap an exe around an actual msi file. Once you have it.....give it a go with /x from PDQ

  • No such luck with that, I'm afraid. :( Got a bunch of icons and text files out of the extraction, but no msi.

  • If you right click on the application in Inventory and select uninstall, does it actually do it? 

  • It does not. I've been allowing full scans after every attempt since I have a spare department PC to test out uninstall commands on. It's about a 30-36 second turn around time from the time I hit run to the time it returns with a 0, but after the scan Black Ice is still there.

  • What's your timetable to have this done?  Saturday as in tomorrow? If you can wait until next week I can whip up some code to nuke it from orbit. 

    I'll need some info as far as Installation path(s), any registry key entries, and the output of Get-WMIObject win32_product | Where { $_.Name -Match "TIFF" }

    If I had that I might be able to walk a system and manually remove all the pieces and parts. 

  • Saturday as in anywhere between two weeks and a month from now.

    You know, I've been neglecting the registry so far but I do have a PowerShell script that I might be able to blow Black Ice away with.

    I'll toy around with it in my test environments on Monday and if I'm still swearing about it then I'll get you more info. I really hope PowerShell can tackle it.

    (P.S. I beat you to mentioning PowerShell. You feeling okay?)

  • and perhaps the output of Get-WindowsDriver as well. I think it's in Windows 7, and I know it's in Powershell v5, not sure how far back that command goes.


    Get-WindowsDriver | Where { $_.ProviderName -match "Black" } should return data. 

    And scroll up missy. I mentioned Get-WmiObject right before you thank you very much.

  • LOL. My mistake. Normally you lovingly mention PowerShell by name and fly in with a majestic, flowing PowerShell cape. I don't know how the heck I missed that. Long day and reading cmdlets as normal words, I guess? Get-Excuse.

    I made sure as soon as I started here to get all the office PCs equipped with PS5 so no worries there ;)

    I'll see how all of this goes. I told the other admins we should just DBAN everything and start over.


  • Guess how fun this is?
    Black Ice and Monochrome Printer Driver (and all the other names it seems to like to have) are absent from the products and services classes for WMI. Get-WindowsDriver is apparently not recognized by my test environment (Win7, PS5).

    I emailed Black Ice's tech support asking for a silent parameter.
    All I got back was, in essence, "You can't uninstall an executable with an MSI installer. You'll have to uninstall manually with our special uninstaller utility or uninstall it from Programs & Features." *slow clap* Ten pounds of nope in a five-pound bag right there. They're so stingy with silent parameters. Maybe they don't have one.

    Any other suggestions, sir PowerShell guru?

  • Have you read this?:

    You *could* roll your own Powershell script that removes all of that crap. You'll have a better understanding of what all that stuff means but it looks like they've laid out exactly what files are where based on what the driver is. 

    Is it a ton of work? You bet your ass it is. I would do it this way:


    For all the manual files that you need to remove create a hash table. Call it $DriverFiles. The code would look like this:


    $DriverFiles = @{

    Driver filename = File path




    Then create an Object from the table


    $Object = New-Object PSObject -Property $DriverFiles


    You'll then be able to loop the object to remove them all

    Foreach ($o in $object){

    Remove-Item $o.Path -Force (I can't remember if -Confirm is a thing on that cmdlet, if it is throw on a -Confirm:$false)



    Do the same thing for the registry entries, then create a section that removes the start menu shortcuts etc as laid out in the support document.

  • I'll give it a shot. Something tells me my fingers are going to go on strike because their folders are just so full of garbage. ._.

    I decided before your reply to see if it came up in Get-Package, and it did. Unfortunately all I got in the uninstall attempt was an error message *sad trombone*.

    I asked their support -again- for a silent parameter. We'll see if they give me the straight poop this time.

  • No straight poop from them this time, either.

    After even following their instructions (by which I mean slapping everything into PowerShell)--removing registries and files and whathaveyou--it's still there, staring me in the face, reboot after reboot.

    I guess the good news is the files and registries actually disappear? If nothing else I at least have a cleanup script out of the deal. But man, this is the most stubborn software to remove.