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Feature Request - AD Sync Keyboard shortcut

As above, in Inventory, would it be possible to include a keyboard shortcut to kick off an AD sync?




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  • Hello,

    Just curious, why do you need to sync AD so much to need a shortcut?

    Inside of the preferences menu you can adjust your "Sync Every" time amount with "Auto Sync Enabled".

  • Several reasons. I'm setting up a somewhat complicated system that relies on PCs being in a certain OU to trigger deployments and I'm also setting up a WDS/MDT system to work in conjunction, which has involved a large amount of testing.

    The performance of Inventory is pretty horrible using it as a RemoteApp on 2012R2 over a LAN so opening the preferences windows takes more time than you might imagine.

    I will admit that I'm being a bit lazy here but I didn't think it would be too taxing to implement :-)

  • You can invoke a sync from the command line with "PDQInventory.exe ADSync -StartSync". If you want to turn that into a keyboard shortcut you could use something like AutoHotkey.


    ; Invoke an AD Sync with CTRL+WIN+S

    Sleep, 100
    Run, PDQInventory.exe ADSync -StartSync