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Silent install for Nvidia Quadro Driver 375.63

Trying to create a package to push the driver and software version 375.63 

They can be found here:

I have tried using /s, -s, -clean,/clean, noeula.

I'm not sure what do try anymore.  The config file gives this information:

<bool name="clean" property="CleanInstall"/>
<bool name="prestage" property="PrestageInstall"/>
<bool name="validate" property="ValidationInstall"/>
<string name="validationFile" property="ValidationFile"/>
<bool name="forcereboot" property="RebootRequired"/>
<bool name="noreboot" property="IgnoreReboot"/>
<bool name="k" property="RebootRequired"/>
<bool name="n" property="IgnoreReboot"/>
<bool name="passive" property="ProgressOnly"/>
<bool name="noeula" property="SkipEula"/>
<bool name="nofinish" property="SkipFinish"/>
<bool name="ignorepnp" property="IgnorePnpFlag"/>
<bool name="progresswitheula" property="ProgressWithEula"/>


Please help I have about 200 systems to install this on.




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  • According to this forum post it's easier to unpack the files and use the setup.exe from that:

  • Not sure if you managed to follow Colby's instructions but I can attest that it's the way to go and I successfully install the Nvidia drivers using PDQ Deploy.


    You just need to extract the files, remove the ones you don't want and then use the following step:

  • I just came on to request Quadro drivers. Thanks.

  • "You just need to extract the files, remove the ones you don't want and then use the following step"

    Do you mean it's possible to prevent some of the driver features from installing? I took your words literally and tried deleting the folders of unwanted features (like NV3DVision) but the install hangs (setup.exe runs until the deployment times out). I didn't troubleshoot at all. If it's easy to configure I'd like to do it out of OCD but it's not a big deal.


  • Which folders are you left with?

    This is what I have and I can confirm that it works.


  • Here is what I was using. I'll try without the extra files. Thanks

  • You can also drop the NVI2 folder, all you need is the display.driver, HDAudio and NVWMI folder. I have write a small post about it a couple of months ago

  • The last update of the nVidia driver requires that the EULA.txt and NVI2 folder is left in the folder.

  • Thanks for the update- new driver works great on my desktops. Tried a previous one (v377) and current (v385.69) and getting an error when deploying to our zBook laptops: setup.exe returned error code 1.

    Installing manually works fine. Any ideas? 

  • Still getting error 1 when installing these drivers though everything seems to have worked. Drivers look to be installed and functioning correctly. Could Error 1 be a success code?

  • Hello,

    I know that this topic is very old. But still I have a question about this. I am trying to create an installation package for the NVIDIA Quadro drivers. But I would like to distribute the original EXE file on the computers, unpack by command first there and then run the setup.exe with prameters from it. How could I get the EXE unpacked?