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Script to execute a pdq deployment package from clients

Is it possible to create a batch, ps, or cmd to run on a client machine that will call out to pdq deploy package and run?

I am the only one that manages deploy enterprise and inventory enterprise and want our other techs if needed to be able to execute a deployment package from a users/clients machine without logging into pdq which they cannot do anyway.

I looked around for this aswer and have not seen anything yet.



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  • Slippery slope guys. This technically breaks your license agreement.

  • Misunderstood the question, so I deleted the post. My bad :(

  • Completely understand the license issue which is why I asked, thanks for confirming this Stephen. If there was a way (im fairly new to pdq) to allow our other techs to use the console without the ability to change things that would also work, pending funding (if needed) approval. To many hands in the pot has caused us many issues :(

  • Unfortunately, there is no way to to modify the "rights" of a user inside of the console. They have an all or nothing access. 

    That said, I did write a Powershell Module for myself that I use from time to time when I quickly want to deploy something and don't feel like jumping into the console to do that.

    Something about running

    Deploy-PDQPackage -Target [Computer/Collection]

    and selecting my package from a list is both instantly gratifying that I A)wrote it, and B)only took 10 seconds to do it rather than ~2-3 minutes RDPing to something else.

    I'm not sure how willing the Admin Arsenal guys would be to allow me to share that to you, but it does work well.

    If you have techs that you don't want to use the console so they can't make changes, my module lists out the packages available to them to deploy so they can select them, and then allows them to rather type in a single/list of targets, or select an inventory collection.

    They wouldn't be able to change anything using the module, as I'm simply doing SELECTS from the databases, and invoking the necessary PDQ executable on the server.