Test environment with Enterprise license (2 separate installations on same license)



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    Lex Hansen

    Hi Jesper,

    We license by admin not by the number of installs.  Please feel free to install on your test environment.


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  • Jesper Madsen

    Hello Lex,
    That is excellent news. Thanks for your answer.

    As a side note: An great use for  PDQ deploy I found, was to automate cleaning and defragging WSUS databases. Many people are unaware that you have to do this regularly since WSUS doesn't do this itself or remind you at any point. Defragging is not even a manual option and has to be done directly in the database.
    PDQ is a great way to not only do this on current servers, but also on any new WSUS servers.
    I recommend a blogpost or video on this.

    I am willing to provide insight into how I did it, if you need it.

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