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Latest VC++ 2013 redistributable packages (post-Update 5)

The package library currently has version 12.0.30501 of the Visual C++ 2013 runtimes. The latest version is 12.0.40660.0 (KB3179560). This version fixes a bug related to the use of certain CPU features, see In this bug report, Microsoft indicated they were not going to fix the bug for VC++ 2013; according to the KB entry, they changed their mind.

Can the package library be updated to this version?



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    Package updated! 

    With the update to 12.0.40660, the package now only supports Windows 7 or higher (and Server 2008R2 or higher). 

  • Hm. That hang should not happen. I mean, the whole purpose of the update is so the runtime does not cause crashes on the downlevel OSs, so it would be quite sensible if it could be installed there. The only environments where it can make any difference the way it is set up now are 7/2008R2 RTM, and those are probably rarer now than 2008 servers.

    I don't have a spare Vista/2008 installation around; do you think there is a chance I could find a fix if I set one up?

  • You're right in that it shouldn't hang. But we did quite a bit of testing and couldn't find an acceptable workaround, so we opted not to support the older operating systems. This especially applies to Vista, which is going to drop out of support from Microsoft on April 11, 2017.

    If you have a burning curiosity and are able to find a workaround, we'd love to hear any of your findings.