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Epson Interactive Tools deployment

Hi All,

I having some difficulties deploying the Epson Interactive Tools setup file on multiple devices and was hoping someone can assist me with this. The deployment stays at a Running status but nothing gets installed. When running the setup directly from my desktop the UAC window appears which may have something to do with this? I need to get this installed on quite a few devices and do not want to take the manual route.

The Epson download file can be found here ==>

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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  • I push this here at my campus. Let me dig into what I've got setup and see if I can't help you out. In the meantime, can you post a screenshot of your package settings, just in case we spot something that would be amiss?

  • Thanks Stephen, 

    I'm currently using the default install settings but have also tried Silent/quiet with the same results

  • Alright. I dug up the link I used to get it going. It's a little.....finnicky, but it seems to do the trick.

    Try doing these steps:

  • I'm receiving the following message now "Status = setup.exe returned error code -5001"

    I had success in the past with earlier versions. I'm wondering if it has to do with the way the new setup.exe was built?

  • I gave up on doing it as an exe and just used a software called MSI Generator (by PACE) to make it into an MSI and be done with it.  I can share the MSI if you'd like.

  • Heck, I should have followed up with this thread, my apologies. I do appreciate you trying!

    Katie from support was successful in getting this to deploy. See attached screen shot. Attaching the full folder did the trick. 

    After you've generated the setup.iss file and copied it back into the InstaData directory, copy that whole directory to your PDQ Console Repository.
    This is the package that deployed successfully in my testing.