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SQL Writes/Reads and admin licenses

Now that Inventory supports SQL I have a few questions about writing and reading the SQL database.

Can another process query the database? If so would that require another license?

Can another process update the Custom Fields portion of a computer in the SQL database and again if so would that require a license?





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  • I'm a little confused by your statement. Both PDQ products have always used SQLite.

    You can interact with the database using sqlite3.exe in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory". The database file is "C:\ProgramData\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory\Database.db". Please be careful and make backups before messing with it.

    No, using sqlite3.exe does not require additional licenses.

    Yes, you can use sqlite3.exe to update Custom Fields. However, I recommend using "PDQInventory.exe ImportCustomFields" instead.

  • Colby,

    My mistake. I thought (incorrectly) that I could point inventory to a SQL database (not SQLite). I just dug into the central server information so I'm all set.