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Dell Command Update and Lenovo System Update

 I thought I had seen something about this in the past but am only finding stuff about configuring the BIOS and not the version for downloading and installing device drivers.  What are the thoughts on packages for Dell Command Update and Lenovo System Update?



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    Hi Matt, thanks for requesting these for the Package Library. Would you mind providing to links to either of these applications? I have a hunch that they may require an agreement with the vendors to distribute the software, but we'll look into it and figure that out. 

    However, I do know we've helped a few customers getting Dell Command Update to deploy correctly. Setting the package to Deploy User (Interactive) seems to be be the trick to get this to run properly. We see mixed results on using an Install Step or Command Step.

    If you want to use a command step try using:

    • start /wait /d "C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\CommandUpdate" dcu-cli.exe /import /policy DCUNoBiosPolicySettings.xml

    If you want some more help troubleshooting the Dell Command Update package you've built, please write into

  • I actually deploy Lenovo System Update out from PDQ Deploy.  I grab the systemupdate.exe file from Lenovo, add the parameter /VERYSILENT and push it to all our laptops.  

    My next step which I haven't done yet but want to, is downloading the Lenovo GPO Policies and seeing configuring SystemUpdate to auto install "critical" updates when they become available. 

    I believe I had read you can even host this on a server in-house instead of pulling from Lenovo Servers on each machine.

  • What i have done to keep clients at least up to date with the latest Dell Command update is to

    1. Download the Latest Dell Command update install Management_Application_FXD2R_WN32_x.x.x_A00-00.EXE
    2. Extract Extract  DCU_Setup_x_x_x.exe with 7zip from the above EXE

    copy Extract  DCU_Setup_x_x_x.exe to my PDQ repository and deploy it to clients 

    still, chicken to remotely run the client.  :  )  

  • Hey guys yeah I have not had any issues creating the package myself I was thinking more along the lines of being able to have auto deployment packages at hand for keeping the software up to date on all of our computers.  I thought since Dell and Lenovo are two of the dominant players in the PC market it would be something helpful for most all PDQ users to utilize just like we do with Adobe Reader, Chrome, ect.

    Here are the links to the downloads that I use:

    Dell Command Update:

    Lenovo System Update: 

  • Hello,

    i also tested Lenovo Bios Update with /verysilent. It is not working.

    Greets Ralf

  • i am trying to deploy Bios update to a couple lenovo workstation anybody have any luck with the package